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 Story Intro

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PostSubject: Story Intro   Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:16 pm

The Fey Forest has stood for thousands of years. They have always been peaceful and the forest has always been lush with resources. Over the years several villages formed around the borders of the forest, taking advantage of these resources and the safety the forest provided. Unfortunately peace was not to last....

On the opposite side of the forest was a barren wasteland that had long been deserted. But over time strange things begin to happen. Fires seemed to start on their own and spread across the small amount of vegetation. It wasn't long before the forest dwellers figured out that fire creatures had moved into the area. But they kept to themselves so all was well. It wasn't until an even stronger creature emerged. This creature seemed to rally the others together and they wanted to expand. They began to encroached upon the Fey Forest. But the denizens of the forest weren't about to sit back and allow their forest to be taken. They pushed back when their borders were threatened.  

Though war has not yet been declared, the death toll of both sides continues to grow. To the point that those in the villages began to grow wary.  As concern grew, conversation between the villages began to grow as town leaders began to fear what would become of their peaceful lives. Finally the town leaders called an assemblage to discuss matters in person.  

The town leaders, after days of debate, have finally decided on a course of action. They will return to their homes and select an individual to represent them and send them into the forest to end the conflict. Each village will have a different method, based on what is most important to them. But in the end they will have their champion.  

The heroes from all surrounding villages have come together for a common goal: To end the conflict in the Fey Forest, using whatever methods they deem suitable. After going through the selection process from their village, they are meeting in the closest village to the forest: Faerun.

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PostSubject: Re: Story Intro   Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:37 pm

In the village of Sylva, several miles from Faerun, the village council reconvened to determine their selection. Considering all options, they decided that the greatest concern with possible war were the dead and dying creatures of the forest., especially concerning the firey outbreaks that occurred on a near daily basis. As such, a young woman with some knowledge of herb lore and healing was chosen. The woman had been a clumsy child and had learned healing out of necessity, but now her knowledge was enough that her skills were known throughout the village and the council deemed her worthy of the mission. Either that, or they were tired of her foul-tasting concoctions and her sense of humor...
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PostSubject: Re: Story Intro   Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:27 am

Upon return from the summat, the village elders could think of only one name that would be suitable for such a daunting mission. The one who had guided and protected them for the better part of 4 decades. Whoelse could they possibly choose for this mission? Her tracking and hunting skills would no doubt come in handy in the enchanted forest and her skills with wildlife would serve her fellow saviors well.
"It's unfortunate," says one elder, "that she can be quite standoffish, at times."
"It can not be helped." says another, "She has vowed to serve our village and serve it she shall."
Word was sent to her at once, though when the messenger arrived at her humble abode it was found empty. Where could she be? he thought.But there was really only one answer to that question; The only place she spends more time at than her own home....The forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Story Intro   Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:38 am

Silence. Silence is what many travelers say is the most unnerving characteristic of the High Forest but it never used to be like this. During the day one could stroll through the trees on beaten paths and hear a medley of songbirds filling the air or the snapping of branches as deer weave their way through the bushes. Even most nights a chorus of crickets would ring out lulling the near by villages to sleep. However in recent years the sounds of the forest would ebb and flow with the changing phases of the moon. Tonight the moon was high and full and the forest, as it had many moons before went silent as if afraid to make even the slightest peep for fear of what may be lurking in the dark.

Tonight the silence was broken by the huffing and scrambling of a man that runs as if the devil is at his heels only what he's running from doesn't tire. Ebonshire is miles away and he is lost... He never believed the stories. The pubs would always be alive with traders blathering on about tails of the woman from the woods that would lure men to their deaths but he paid it no mind. However one night a woman he didn't recognize as local had appeared in the pub and seemed to have shown great interest in him. He was a political figure after all and assumed her interests were clearly monetary. The two spent days together and finally one night went as one would expect, they socialized over drinks and went to bed. When he awoke the moon was shining through the window, a window that was torn open, curtains in tatters. As he arose he felt a sharp pain in his chest. No. On his chest. He rushed to the mirror and was horrified at what he saw. Claw marks seeping with blood ran from shoulder to hip. He quickly bandaged himself and rushed to the window. Monstrous footprints trailed from his house through the town proper and into the High Forest.

Weeks went by and the man told no one of what happened. He read countless books trying to ascertain what kind of monstrosity he had shared his bed with. Slowly the pieces came together pang of terror shook him to his core, so much so that he dropped his books and started running, into the forest. Now, tired and afraid he stops to catch his breath in a small clearing hoping that whatever fate had in store for him that he was far enough from home that he wont be a danger to anyone. That's when it started... a sensation as if he was being punched through the stomach knocked him to his knees. His bones ached, his muscles burned and his heart beat wildly as his transformation began.

As he writhed on the ground the pounding of massive feet echoed through the trees “thank the gods I didn't miss it...” A feminine yet beastly voice said in relief. Where once stood a man of great social stature stood a snarling drooling beast, half man and half wolf, his head snapped towards the voice “wh...what have you done to me...”
“it was an accadent... I assure you” she said softly. Stepping into the moonlight the woman revealed herself in the same form as the man. “now I need you to calm down... The last man this happened with became quite...”
The man leapt at his former lover, teeth bared and aimed for her throat.

The silent air was ablaze with the sounds of two werewolves clashing, howls of pain, grunts of terrible strength, the snapping of tree limbs. The two fought for what seemed like hours due to the mans sloppy instinctual attacks and the woman's obvious experience in this form. She had tried to reason with him, calm him, but now as she had to with thralls in the past. She had to kill him. To her luck there seemed to be a fissure large enough to serve her purpose as the man's physical strength was beyond anything she had to deal with before. With a mighty shove she sent the man careening into the chasm. Unfortunately for her he had been able to grab a handful of her fur and pull her with him into the depths.
It seemed as though silence had returned to the high forest. A pillar of light began emanating from the center of the fissure as it trembled slightly. A great thunderous explosion shook the very foundation of the area tearing trees a sunder and up heaving earth and rock. The forest clearing had nearly quadrupled in size and the area surrounding it now tree covered, rolling hills. At the epicenter of the blast the two humans, in their natural forms lay still, their bodies covered in a soft glow. Close to them was an undulating liquid that sparkled and shone with magical fervor.

Years Later.

The clearing was named Thunderknoll and the Man and Woman founded a new village. The magical blast had bestowed upon them natural magic and an unnaturally long life and would be passed on to their offspring and also to those that were turned willingly. With the mans political knowledge he became the figurehead of the village and used his wealth to develop the land and solidify it's foundations. A small trade rout was established between Ebonshire and Thunderknoll and the residents referred to their new neighbors as “the Spellwolves of Thunderknoll” and the two villages lived in peace for centuries.

Present Day.

A darkness has somehow infected the residents of Thunderknoll. First it was the elderly becoming ill that was shocking as the magic in them and rendered them immune to most illnesses but not only that, they were becoming feral, losing whatever humanity they had, lashing out at loved ones only to be put in cages for their remaining days. Some families elected to end their suffering with the blessings of the village Alpha. This was the norm for several years but now, the illness is no longer limited to the elderly, children, adults, even infants are becoming feral and no one can figure out why. The current Alpha believes that some sort of curse has fallen upon their source of magic, the Mana Well and unless a solution is found their village will be reduced to a community of slobbering magically charged werewolves within the next year or so... maybe sooner. Warriors of Thunderknoll are tested for traces of the infection daily and those who show beginning signs are magically bound and contained. Able bodied warriors are sent out to find answers but have to return within a full moon cycle.

Sitting at a large oak table the alpha drums his fingers, veins in his forehead twitching in his irritation at the worsening situation. “Sir, we've just had to detain two more of our best men...” a woman in slightly loose fitting armor said softly.
“Thank you... dismissed... Oh, give my regards to their families...” His voice sounding apologetic.
The woman bowed and excused herself. No sooner was she out the door when a male cleric burst in “My lord! It's your wife... she has it... she has the illness...”
The color drained from the alpha's face.

“Bring my son to me. NOW!”
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Story Intro
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